Background & Experience

Anna Lynne has over 12 years of experience in web design, web development, graphic design, illustration, marketing strategy development, startup business planning and advertising design. She has worked on marketing campaigns and design collateral for commercial companies and as a designer and development consultant assisting dozens of startups from concept to launch in varying industries.

Her professional experience includes agency work with a nationwide real estate advertising firm, followed by a co-founded startup company where she successfully gained and managed over 75 clients within only her first few years as an entrepreneur. Within that time, her projects included developing websites, designing logos, brochures, and other marketing collateral as well as developing business plans and strategies. As of early 2018, Anna has worked with over 120 small businesses on various graphic and web design projects.

“I feel that any entrepreneurial pursuit with the right amount of passion can be driven to success, and I love to see dreams come to reality for anyone hoping to pursue their goals of self-employment. I hope to inspire others to push their potential to it’s fullest and to keep training eager minds to do just one step further, reach just a little farther every day, consistently, grasp every dream, accomplish every goal, and achieve personal success. Seeing that happen for others is what pushes me to create, coach, and motivate ambition in those driven to succeed and create their impact.”

– Anna Lynne

Skills, Endorsements & Career